New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

new years eve fiesta-1

Are you looking for some last minute party ideas? Well…… I’m always last minute these days. My family is coming in town toady and I wanted to put a little something together to celebrate!

I set up our little wine cabinet with some fun drinks. I used my wine glasses and shot glasses from a yard sale. I spent $2 bucks on that. The silver candle holders are from Goodwill for $1 each.

new years party bar

Who doesn’t like some Kaluha and Bailey’s mixed in a shot glass? Yum!!

new years eve drinks-1 new years eve wine bar-2

Some of your guests might prefer a non-alcoholic sparkling cider.

new years eve cider-1

The gold decorations on each side are Christmas decorations. I also used jars from a yard sale. The black rocks and ribbon are from Hobby Lobby. I have used my black rocks several times. It’s worth spending the money on them. You could also used black sand, beads/pearls, small ball ornaments or vase fillers.

gold centerpiece

new years eve drink bar-2

My favorite decorations are the crush soda bottles I recycled and spray painted. Easy peasy…. I printed some numbers on a cute font and glued to cardstock. Added some glitter to bling it up!! FUN right? You can use wood sticks, skewers or paper straws to tape your numbers. I added sand inside the bottles, but you can add sugar or salt if you don’t have sand.

new years eve centerpiece-2 new years eve party 2013-2

Here are the supplies I used for the bottles.


Step #1- Wash bottles and remove stickers with Goof-off. It will take you 2 minutes instead of scrubbing for 30 like I did on the first bottle ha! Be sure your bottles are dry.

Step #2- Spray paint with black paint first. Let it dry. Once they are dry, spray the “Glitter Blast”….it is so fun!

recycled bottles-1

new year 2013-2

Step #3- Add your pretty glittered numbers. They are easy to stick inside once you put your sand, sugar or salt in there.

glitter numbers-1

Voila! That’s it…..takes about 10-15 minutes to make this sparkly centerpiece! Who couldn’t do that? :):)

new years eve party 2-1

I bought some festive favors, necklaces, horns and Happy New Year headbands for the kids.

new years eve horns-1

new years party-1

There you have it my friends!!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!!



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