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How to Make a Fairy Wand

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Good Tutorial Thursday morning from Postscripts!

fairy wand tutorial

To get the kids involved  at our wedding celebration (we have 13, almost 14 nieces and nephews), we gave them each Star Fairy Wands and let them run down the aisle as an alternative to flower girls and ring bearers!

They absolutely loved it!


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How to Make an Affordable Sparkly Party Sign

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Happy Tutorial Thursday! Paula from Postscripts here again to teach you how to make an Affordable Party Sign!


Wood Board (I found mine in the field out in the back field.)

Stencils (Walmart $3.50)

Sponge Stencil Brush

Painter’s Tape

Glitter (I found this old glitter in my mom’s craft supplies)

Tacky Glue

Paint (I used leftover paint from our house)

Note: You do not need the big black lab. Buster wanted to be in on the action. (see feet above)

1. Tape down the stencils with the painter’s tape making it pretty tight.

2. Dab on a surplus of paint (I wish I would have done it thicker)

4. Looking good so far!

5. Quickly spread on glitter in excess.

6. Remove glitter and fill empty spots with glue and more glitter.

If you use plenty of paint in step 2, you won’t need this step.

6. Tada! Now you have an affordable sign that can be used over and over!

In other news, we got snow on our mountains here in Colorado yesterday!

Where are you from and what’s the weather like there?

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How to make a Pinata

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Hi! Welcome to Tutorial Thursday on the A to Zebra Celebrations Blog!

This is Paula from Postscripts!

Tex and I eloped last year and are having a 1 year wedding celebration next month with all our friends and family. In order to make this a memorable event, we want to make sure to include everyone, including our three kiddos! What better way than to involve a pinata? I wanted to glam it up a little so I added a little gold! You are welcome to be creative and make it any color you would like to match your party!

I hope you enjoy my first tutorial!

Items Needed:

Pinata (bought here for $17 + shipping – so many different shapes and possibilities!)


Glue Gun + Glue Sticks

Gold Metallic Spray Paint (or other to match your color)

Gold Metallic Tissue Sheets (bought here as well – lots of colors available!)

 1. Spray the Pinata to match your paper

2. Cut Metallic Tissue Sheets length wise into 6″ strips (the strips will  be 6″ x 30″)

3. Cut strips between 4″-5″ from the bottom to form the fringe

4. Begin gluing at the bottom

 5. Continue gluing  the strips around the pinata about 2 inches above the last fringe.

Add as much fringe or put each strip as close to the next as you would like.

(sometimes I had to trim the fringe and sometimes I had to add more fringe to make it all the way around)

6. Enjoy your finished product! Stuff with goodies and don’t forget the stick and blindfold!

Thank you so much for stopping by! See you next Thursday! 🙂


Friday Party Feature – Red & Black Bridal Shower

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Today’s Party Feature goes to…
Check out this gorgeous Red & Black Bridal Shower Danielle hosted for her friend.
LOVE this banner!!!!

 Cranberry/Pomegranate Mimosas to drink…YUM.
 She had adorable little tags for each dish she served.  
I love this “This “Chick’s” Taken” tag!
 And it wouldn’t be a party without yummy cupcakes!!!  
LOVE those cute little toppers!
 This paper heart garland is such a cute touch!
GREAT JOB, Danielle!!!  
Thanks for sharing your party with A To Zebra Celebrations!
To see more fun pics from this shower be sure to check out Danielle’s blog, HERE!


Wedding Anniversary Party

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I was honored to help style a SURPRISE 30th wedding anniversary party!  The party was last Saturday September, 4th.
The couple celebrating 30 years of marriage are my friends since 2003.  They are very special people to us.  My friend, Tiffany contacted me a few weeks before the party to get some ideas.  I immediately knew a black and white damask was perfect for a theme.  She wanted to include bright green.  I was thrilled because I had recently seen this picture from Sandra Downie Event Designs.  She is fantastic!  Check her out if you haven’t already.  Lots of inspiration from her to put this party together….thank you Sandra!!!
Thank you to my sweet friend, Lisa who came to take these gorgeous pictures!!


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