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The Real Me

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the real me

Hello friends! A while back I was posting a series of “Truthful Thursdays” where I opened up and share the truth behind me, my business, my life, the house, marriage and more.  I got great feedback from my readers and some wondered if I was going to bring those posts back.  So here it goes……..

****Warning**** This post you are about to read is long & it may cause controversy, judgmental thoughts, disagreements, etc. BUT, BUT it is the real deal. I hope you stick around.



Truthful Thursday ~SNAP~

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I have had a super insane week!! 
I am actually flying to Utah this morning for the SNAP conference! Have you heard about it?  
I am super excited to go, get a mommy break and spend time with some awesome girls! 🙂  You can take a peek here to see the women attending:

I am thankful for my husband who doesn’t mind playing Mr. mommy when I travel.  My girls are totally daddy’s girls!  I know they will have so much fun with him while I am gone.  

My friend and roomie Michelle, from Maddycakes Muse is flying with me as well.  If you don’t follow her blog, you should! She is absolutely wonderful and very talented!

I can’t wait to tell you all about it when I return.  If you follow me on Twitter and Facebook, there will be updates throughout the weekend! 🙂

PS. We have a wonderful Mother’s Day giveaway scheduled for Monday! You won’t want to miss the opportunity to enter this one.  It is quite different than our regular giveaways!

I will be back soon 🙂


Truthful Thursday ~ Back to reality

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The honest truth about me right now……
I just got back a few hours ago from being on vacation for 6 days. We went to California and spent 3 days in Disneyland.  My feet are so sore from walking….lol  
We had a great time, the weather was gorgeous and we can’t wait to go back!!!
 I do feel like a horrible mom because my girls went on the Space Mountain ride with us.
I wasn’t sure if they would let them on but they were tall enough and they said it was fine.  Hmmmm….. they were not happy with me.  My little one didn’t freak out as much as my oldest one :(:(  I hope they forgive me some day…ha!

Our minnie mouse zebra shirts were custom made by
Headbands from:
Necklaces from:

Barbie tanks from
Blue wrap on my hair from

Now off to go unpack, do laundry, grocery shopping, school tomorrow, bla, bla, bla…..
Back to reality…. :):)



Truthful Thursday ~ Thankful

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Happy Thursday!!!  

I am thankful for all going on in my life, the good, the bad, the challenging, the happy days, and all the people in my life.  This includes the phenomenal women who are behind my team.   

I’d like to introduce you to Christine if you don’t know who she is.   She was the giveaways Coordinator, but we are making some changes.  She is the new Website/Blog Manager for A to Zebra Celebrations.

Christine is the owner of Desserts & Designs, an event styling and graphic design business started in early 2011. With a background in graphic design and a degree in interior design, she loved how event styling allowed her to combine all of these passions. She lives in West Des Moines, Iowa with her husband and their two children. Follow her amazing work on Facebook. She rocks!

I am thankful for Brittany who helped with my business since last summer.  She is smart, talented and kind hearted.  She currently has a lot on her plate and needs to focus on other things.  Christine is going to take over all of Brittany’s duties.  I wish Brittany the best!  She has been an amazing girl in my team! I will miss her much. I have nothing but good things to say about her.  You can continue to follow her on Facebook, Twitter and her Blog.

All this to say that I feel so THANKFUL to have *met* these women online.  They are true blessings in my life and for my businesses!  

Please leave some love for these girls if you have a minute.  
They truly deserve it!


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Truthful Thursday ~ Stressed & Blessed

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I am wiped out, I am stressed, so much on my plate these past 2 weeks!
My husband and little one were sick with bronchitis, strep throat and sinus infection… was rough!  My house continues to be a total wreck, laundry piles by the second and I just look around and want to cry sometimes….do you ever feel that way?


Truthful Thursday- What’s the day like?

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My days are a crazy mess!! lol  

A messy house, messy girls, messy crafts, messy mommy, you name it!!…’s a total wreck in here lol….I took some pics tonight of what my laundry room and the floors in the playroom look like……you see?….MESS!! :):)  



Truthful Thursday- Marriage

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Did you know?  
I do not have a perfect marriage, nobody does…right?  
I’ve been married for 11 years this May.  My husband is truly amazing. He is caring, loving, sensitive (still loves to cuddle his blanket…lol), thoughtful, strong, honest, patient, compassionate and understanding.  However, he is not perfect and neither am I. 


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