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15 Easy Halloween Desserts

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Easy Halloween Desserts

Can you believe that Halloween is just 13 days away?! THIRTEEN! How’d that happen?

Today, I’m sharing 15 easy Halloween desserts for you to make for your family for your next Halloween party or just to snack on to celebrate that Halloween is almost here!

Since the ideas I’m sharing today are easy, they’re great to involve the kiddos and do as a family. Bonding is so important, especially as we head into the holiday season! (more…)


Grandma’s Apple Cake

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how to make apple cake

This apple cake recipe is the BEST one I have made!  A good friend of mine passed it on a while back.  I wish I would have baked it sooner.  My goodness!!!! I am doubling up the ingredients next time 🙂



Coconut Almond Cake

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coconut almond cake

My cousin who lives in Campeche, Mexico gave me this recipe 20 years ago….not kidding.  She is an amazing cook and baker!  This is my first time making this recipe and oh why oh why did I wait this long to make it?!  Who knows, but it is heavenly!  I named it “Coconut Almond” cake, but you could call it “Coconut Pecan” cake since she used pecans and I used almonds.



Bumble Bee Party Ideas

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My little girl will be turning 3 in April.  This may seem far away, but I know it will be here before I know it.  My brain is already spinning around with the millions of ideas popping in my head for her next birthday party.  The theme is no secret….”BUMBLE BEES“.  Why?  Only because I wanted to throw a party that did not have pink involved….ha!  I don’t have any boys so, I needed something other than pink!