Zebra Birthday Party

I thought I would share with you the party that inspired me to start my own etsy store.  Last October, my oldest daughter turned 4 years old.  She LOVES zebras!  She really wanted to have a zebra party.  I thought it was a super cute theme and went for it!  I had to get very creative because I could not find party decor I liked.  Photos taken by Paula Stiller Photography.
Here’s the party that was featured on all the sites you see on the right side of the page.  I was so flattered to get all the attention that it did….THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Invitation designed by my little sister in Mexico.  However, the wording was put together by my friend, Bethany at Hissyfits Photography.

This was one of the very FIRST things I made for the party…..a photo frame 🙂
I love how she picked up her photo at the party to look at it 🙂
I looked for a cute party hat, but had no luck.  So, I made this one for her.  It is one of the most popular items on my etsy shop now 🙂

My birthday girl wore a dress purchased at a local boutique called “Glitter Box”.  Her cute zebra bracelet came from this wonderful etsy seller.
My talented mom made her zebra flip flops.  Birthday girl wanted zebra nails and she got them done 2 days before her party 🙂
My mom made her pretty bows as well.

 My youngest daughter wore an outfit from this etsy seller.

I was inspired to make these “lollipops” by Bethany.  She had the most amazing “Sweet Shoppe” party for her daughter.  You can see her party HERE.

I made her birthday banner because I never found one I liked.  All the zebra balloons were purchased on ebay.  You can purchase one of these banners on my etsy shop as well.


I baked and decorated the cupcakes.  The cupcake liners came from HERE.  I made the cupcake toppers because I had tons of paper left from the banner.  I got the idea from the TomKat Studio.  Her toppers are fabulous if you don’t have time to make your own.  You will notice a zebra table runner.  I made that too.  You can purchase one on my etsy shop.

Her zebra cake was made by sweeticakes.  I loved it!


This cake table was my favorite!!!  You can purchase my handmade table runners today or click HERE.
The idea to make this lollipop topiary came from Bethany.  You can see the one she created HERE.

My mother-in-law drew this beautiful zebra for me.  I used it to play the “Pin The Tail On The Zebra” game.  The kids loved it!  The tail was a piece of black marabou.  The zebra print bandana was purchased at Michaels.
I set up a table with a “zebra” craft.  The idea came from this website.
You need to click where it says “zebra stripes”.  Kids have to glue black strips on the zebra like you see this little guy doing on this photo….

The kids got a paper treat bag with some cute things in it like a zebra mask, a zebra magnet, a zebra bow and bracelet for the girls, a plastic zebra animal, etc.  Boys got black and girls got pink.  I added a little pink bow to the zebra for the girls.  The printed zebra on the bag came from HERE. 
 My mom made the zebra masks, but I got the idea from HERE.
I made the bows for the girls…
My sister decorated a beautiful black basket where we put the treat bags.  She passed them around after the kids broke the piñata.
She also made these gorgeous zebra chocolates wrapped with zebra ribbon.
I am not one to mail “thank you” cards after the party.  I prefer to give a photo magnet to each family before they leave.  I also gave them a zebra cellophane bag with white mints.  The bags were purchased on ebay.
I’ve never created a “candy buffet” table.  The first time I saw one was on “Swanky Tables” blog.  You can view many ideas under the category “candy stations”.  Click HERE to go straight there.

 b.a.s.h.f.u.l. custom events blog was my inspiration for the little candy signs…..

There’s always something that goes wrong or doesn’t turn out how you thought it would right?  Well…I ran out of tables!  I had to combine the candy buffet table with the gifts table :(:(  I made a sign for the gift table too..

Do you see the zebra print paper lanterns?  I bought them on ebay.

We had a big crowd of people.  There were 33 kids and 30 adults!
Thank you for visiting!
I hope you find some great ideas for your own zebra birthday party!
Feel free to ask any questions 🙂

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